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Get the real story of how risky a fleet is, was, and will be

Through this dashboard insurers can review:
  • Second by second driving behavior
  • FMCSA data
  • DOT inspection information
  • Speeding tickets
  • Operations by state
  • Equipment by class, brand, and age
  • Number of CDL drivers
  • Cargo types
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Trust that drivers are alert and aware of their surroundings at critical times

Drivers receive in-cab voice alerts for:
  • Turn by Turn truck and cargo navigation
  • Approaching high accident areas
  • Approaching driving behavior hotspots
  • Speeding over company set speed limits
  • Entering/Exiting custom geofences
  • Geofence requirements and speed limits
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Knowing is half the battle

Any manager will be able to easily and quickly:
  • Identify top and bottom performers
  • Identify skillsets to improve
  • Engage drivers in guidance or training
  • Monitor driver and fleet progress reports
  • Reduce safety incidents by 50%
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Create custom alerts:

  • Custom build geofences
  • Type what the drivers hear
  • Set geofence priority
  • Assign alerts by business or region
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